Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Famous Women: Six-Word Tribute

March is National Women’s History Month which we usually associate with “famous” women.  However, all of us have “famous” women in our families—all we have to do is look.  In thinking about the women in my family tree, I thought I would try to describe some of them in six words (it's not as easy as it would seem).

  • Alvina Bertha Forster Oliver (mother-in-law)—kind, generous, hard worker, crafter, baker 
  • Betty Jean Barlow Malcomson (second cousin)—antique expert, writer, friend, teacher, funny 
  • Camilla Elizabeth Swinburne Newhouse (paternal grandmother)—kind, generous, industrious, card player, friend 
  • Daraxra Olle Numbers Swinburne (maternal grandmother)—pioneer, adventurous, farmer’s wife, strong hearted 
  • Elizabeth Esther Newhouse Harman (paternal aunt)—bridge player, generous, critical, adventurous, “Northerner” 
  • Florence Marie Swinburne Newhouse (my mother)—intelligent, opinionated, Latin teacher, handywoman, mentor 
  • Mary Josephine “Mary Jo” Randall Teigland (first cousin)—best friend, industrious, baker, warm hearted 
  • Opal Minnie Swinburne Stave (maternal aunt)—funny, farmer’s wife, teacher, school principal

How would you describe the women in your family who may not be famous like Martha Washington, Amelia Earhart, or Eleanor Roosevelt, but they are famous within one’s own family?  Think of the pictures we have of them, the stories we have of them, the memories we have of them:  All of that makes them “famous.”  Can you describe them in exactly six words?

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