Saturday, April 9, 2011

An Unknown Father

As you know, from my first post, I have the unique background of having two fathers:  one biological, one adoptive.  I have always considered my adoptive father as my father and really never gave too much thought about my biological father.  However, in doing research this past week on something completely different, I “stumbled” across my biological father’s death date.

Usually, adopted children do not know much about their biological parents, particularly those adopted before the era of “open adoptions.”  I, and my biological brother Douglas, were adopted together in a private adoption in 1949.  I have always known the names of my biological father, mother, grandparents, etc. as my adoptive parents were very honest and open about the circumstances of the adoption.

My biological father was Robert Douglas Evans, born October 31, 1919, in Missouri, and dying on January 5, 2011, in Kansas City, Missouri.  I know he had a brother and a sister.  I know that my mother and he divorced, he remarried, and he had children.  Somewhere I have half-siblings.  I know that he enlisted at Ft. Lewis, Washington, for WWII, and the state where my biological parents were married.  He served in both the Navy and the Army Air Corps.  He was stationed in Maryland and Maine.  I know he lived out the rest of his life in Missouri.  Other than that, I did not know him; I know only what I was told and what I find out through research.  I do know that my brother looked very much like his biological father.

Every once in a while I toyed with the idea that perhaps I should try to find him and let him know I was doing okay; but, I never got around to doing that and perhaps that, too, is okay.  Maybe someday I will “stumbled” across my half-siblings; but if I don’t, that is okay.


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